Revolutionizing Employee Experience: Harnessing AI to Streamline the Accommodation Process

In our recent webinar hosted by Christina Mallon, we explore how AI is changing the game for inclusive work environments. Christina, head of inclusive design at Microsoft and advisor to Inclusively, along with Inclusively Co-founder & CEO, Charlotte Dales and CTO Ryan Aylward, discussed how traditional hiring often falls short, Inclusively’s new Retain tool, and how AI can be the solution, particularly for people with disabilities.

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Harnessing AI for Workplace Inclusion: Insights from Inclusively’s Leaders

Our latest webinar, Revolutionizing Employee Experience: Harnessing AI to Streamline the Accommodation Process, discussed the next steps in workplace inclusivity through AI. Hosted by Christina Mallon, Microsoft’s head of inclusive design and advisor to Inclusively, the session featured insights from Inclusively’s Co-Founder & CEO, Charlotte Dales and CTO, Ryan Aylward.

The resources shared in this webinar promote how AI can refine recruitment for inclusivity and Inclusively’s solution for inclusive hiring, Retain, Viewers and listeners will gain more information on:

  • AI in Inclusive Hiring: Understanding the transformative role AI plays in creating equitable hiring practices for individuals with disabilities.
  • Retain by Inclusively: An in-depth look at how this AI-powered tool is pioneering the accommodation process for a diverse workforce.
  • Employer Strategies: Key methods for companies to adopt AI technologies that foster an inclusive and diverse workplace environment.

Explore the Role of AI in Inclusion:

For organizations eager to enhance inclusivity and learn about AI’s potential in creating equitable workspaces, watching the full webinar is essential. Our panelists offer valuable perspectives to help integrate AI effectively into your HR practices, leading to a more inclusive workplace culture.