Introducing the Inclusively Leadership Board

Where C-level execs go to get answers.

The Inclusively Leadership Board (ILB) is an consortium for senior leaders intent on navigating a dynamic HR landscape and the influence of technology, data, and policies on employee relations and workplace culture. ILB members harness collective intelligence to raise the productivity and retention of their workforces — and to handle the future of work’s biggest issues.

Unlock exclusive intelligence from the world’s best HR leaders.

Executive sponsorship

Gain unlimited access to an unbiased senior leader for one-on-one tactical and strategic support.

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Members-only data and insights

Access a dedicated portal with member-directed research and reports only available to ILB members.

In-person and remote collaboration

Engage like-minded senior leaders at in-person events and virtual roundtables.

Thought leadership

Stay relevant on pressing topics like how AI can automate HR processes and raise workplace productivity.

Join decision-makers from:

What you get

In-person member meetings (2 per year)
Webinars (6+ per year)
Member-only portal with access to peer/comparative data and analysis (ongoing)
Member-only reports — quantitative and qualitative — and case studies (2 per year)
Dedicated Inclusively-executive sponsor (unlimited, including regularly scheduled meetings)
Peer network member exchanges (unlimited, founder-facilitated)

Dedicated research on what matters.

  • Member-driven research on how data, policies and technology are impacting work and productivity.
  • A comprehensive view of employee and employer issues impacting the changing workforce.
  • Agnostic approach to data collection and analysis.

Sample topics include: the future of WFH and flexible schedules, AI/ChatGPT implementation and usage, forecasting accommodations for strategic planning, and equal opportunities for diverse employees.

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