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How Inclusively Works

For Employers

Access hidden talent

Via our growing ecosystem of partners and advocates, we’ve built an expansive pool of diverse candidates. Our AI-driven, matching algorithm recommends candidates to each role you post. And we integrate with your ATS to bring skilled candidates seamlessly into existing workflows.

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In-platform view of Inclusively resume layout with different colored shapes on a white background.

For Employers

Get trained

Through our extensive core competency training and on-demand support, recruiters and hiring managers learn to embed accommodations throughout the hiring process. Distributing knowledge around accessibility and accommodations changes existing culture too, creating more transparency and engagement among your entire employee population.

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On a white background Inclusive Training in black text with colorful illlustrated shapes. Photo of a man wearing headphones next to a description of Training, Becoming more inclusive in the workplace (Part 1); Below is Training, Becoming more inclusive in the workplace (Part 2)

For Employers

Tap into expert support

Our expert Customer Success team customizes launch and adoption strategies for each employer in order to improve existing processes, establish and track KPIs, and scale inclusion and accessibility across the organization. Employers can also tap into the Inclusively Community to learn from other talent teams and Advocates working toward similar goals.

Explore the employer portal

On a white background, the words Posted in Workplace Accessibility in black text with Patty Smith, Candidate. Below is an image of a group of coworkers sitting together on a couch.

For Employers

Gain insights

Inclusively’s technology makes it easy for employers to adapt existing processes to be inclusive of everyone. Our Accommodations Dashboard highlights what accommodations Inclusively candidates and applicants are asking for, and our real-time analytics give you the information you need to attract and retain hidden talent and build a more inclusive, engaged culture.

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Illustrated graphic pie chart and statistics in the Employer Portal.

For Job Seekers

Personalized workplace accommodations

Inclusively fosters transparency by putting accommodations up front. Create a Candidate Profile and add the accommodations you need to be successful on the job such as remote work, access to apps for stress/anxiety, screen reading software, a service animal, accessible parking, braille signage, and dozens more.

Learn how Inclusively works for Job Seekers

Illustrated colored shapes with job posts and success enablers icons listed in-platform.

For Job Seekers

Recommended jobs

Once you’ve created a Candidate profile, our job matching algorithm allows you to search, connect, and receive job recommendations that match your experience, skill set, and workplace accommodations – what we call Success Enablers.

Illustrated colored shape next to a job search filters and Software Engineer job match result.

For Job Seekers

Verified inclusive Employers

Inclusively’s Employers are committed to providing accommodations and an accessible hiring experience. Our inclusive process empowers you to confidently self-disclose, name the workplace accommodations needed, find great roles and thrive from the first interview, through the hiring process and on the job.

View our Employer Partners

Job cards of inclusive employers job posts with success enablers included. The first is Charles Schwab' logo, Account Solutions Associate, Lyft, Senior Manager, Product Marketing with illustrated colorful shapes below.

For Job Seekers

Connect with our Community

Discuss disability employment topics, share experiences, offer ideas, explore resources, and connect with like-minded professionals within our network. Topics include self-disclosing, interviewing, accommodations, ableism, career development, assistive & accessible technology, news, and more.

Join our Community

On a white background, the words Posted in Workplace Accessibility in black text with Patty Smith, Candidate. Below is an image of a group of coworkers sitting together on a couch.

For Advocates

Access our inclusive network

Support job seekers in their search and career development process with free access to our network of employers committed to disability inclusion. Our Advocates include career coaches, employment specialists, job developers, vocational rehabilitation counselors, caregivers, and more!

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Candidate activity updates in-platform.

For Advocates

Discover new opportunities

Inclusively’s platform allows you to find and share jobs, internships, apprenticeships, training and upskilling programs with job seekers you support. We call our job seekers Candidates, and there are other ways you can support them, like assisting with resume review and editing; connecting on behalf of Candidates to jobs posted; and messaging with Candidates in-platform.

Software Engineer job search result with illustrated shapes.

For Advocates

Data & analytics insights

Gain valuable insight on your Candidates including job connections, profile criteria, accommodation needs, job categories, employers of interest, applications, interviews conducted, and more.

A pair of geometric illustrations with dashboard interface around them in the Advocate Portal Dashboards.

For Advocates

Connect to other Advocates, Candidates & Employers

Join the Inclusively Community to share resources and exchange information related to disability and employment within our network.

Explore the Community Portal

On a white background, the words Posted in Workplace Accessibility in black text with Patty Smith, Candidate. Below is an image of a group of coworkers sitting together on a couch.