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Revolutionize your accommodations process.

Where employee empowerment meets business efficiency. Discover the future of managing accommodation requests, tailored to each unique individual.

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savings for every 50 employees that self-ID


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is automated

saved per year on overhead related to current accommodation process

With Retain, there’s no more juggling myriad requests or wrestling with complexities.

Dive into a solution that effortlessly streamlines your employees’ workplace needs and ensures everyone across your workforce feels equipped and valued


Navigating accommodation requests can be a maze.

Companies often grapple with an influx of personalized needs, trying to ensure everyone gets the right support. It’s time for a smarter approach that incorporates feedback from employees and clearly distinguishes between the medical and social models around accommodations.


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Our answer to your company challenges of accommodation.

Whether you’re rolling Retain out for a department or the whole organization, our seamless integration with your case management process means ease of adoption from day one. We’re committed to Comprehensive Inclusion, Empowerment, and Innovation.


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Boost productivity, increase employee retention, and elevate ROI.

With Retain, managing accommodation requests is not only efficient but also a strategic move towards a more inclusive future.

Designed with the future in mind, Retain not only addresses today’s accommodation needs but also resonates with Gen Z’s expectations for a personalized and inclusive workplace.


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  • What makes Retain different from other accommodation management tools?

    Retain stands out because of its holistic approach, employing generative AI to provide instant, data-driven recommendations based on Inclusively’s extensive proprietary data. Moreover, its flexibility allows companies to either pilot with specific teams or implement across the organization. It’s designed for seamless adoption, ensuring a smooth transition without imposing a steep learning curve.

  • How does the Generative AI feature work in Retain?

    The Generative AI in Retain operates like an intuitive chatbot. You can input specific needs, such as “What accommodations are good for anxiety,” and it will instantly suggest data-driven accommodations, drawing from years of Inclusively’s accommodation insights. It’s like having a seasoned expert guiding your decisions in real time.

  • Is data privacy a concern with Retain's AI-driven recommendations?

    Absolutely not. While Retain employs AI and data-driven insights, we prioritize data privacy above all. Protecting and ensuring that employee data is neither compromised nor misused is critical to us. We have robust data protection mechanisms in place to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of user information.

  • Can I integrate Retain with my current HR software and tools?

    While direct integrations with other systems are on our future roadmap, Retain is designed to complement your current HR practices. It does not replace your interactive accommodations process; instead, it acts as a pivotal step before that process even begins. Our goal is to enhance your existing workflow by providing a robust foundation, ensuring that when the time comes for direct integrations, the transition will be smooth and beneficial to your organization.