Introducing Inclusively Boost

Benchmarking to track progress and get tangible results

The truth is that everyone can use a boost sometimes.

Inclusively consults with corporate clients who are ready to shift from a compliance-based accommodations process to a new way of thinking about accommodations, focusing on scalability, accessibility, productivity and employee success. For everyone.

We believe in the power of universal design, where the work we do benefits everyone—even those who don’t realize they will benefit.

We understand the importance of providing actionable data to create clear guidelines for progress

Boost clients receive an in-house evaluation that benchmarks their company’s existing Interactive Accommodations Process (IAP). Our experts measure the IAP in terms of five key components.

Culture of

Promotes open communication and psychological safety

Regulatory Compliance

Adheres to legal standards for equal opportunity


Collects and applies feedback from stakeholders

Efficiency & Timeliness

Implements success enablers in a timely manner

Continuous Improvement

Self-evaluates using a consistent process

How we measure

For each of these components, we rate company performance on a scale of one to five, with level 5 being “Best in Class.” Our evaluations are based on an in-depth review of the company’s current accommodation framework, including existing policies and processes, employee surveys and interviews, identification of inconsistencies and risks, and a comparison of a company’s process to Best-in-Class benchmarks.

How we help
you improve

These measures yield target areas for improvement, which we address with the client by developing a phased implementation plan. We provide on-demand advisory services throughout the journey, using a mix of original live and digital trainings created by experts in inclusive workplace practices.

Illustration showing inclusive training sessions for employees


Other deliverables for this engagement, which is typically paced over 12 weeks, include relevant toolkits, scalability recommendations, and strategic advisory sessions.

Illustration showing inclusive training sessions for employees

Inclusively started as an employment platform for people with disabilities, and we are excited about their ability to continuously innovate and respond to the changing workforce, expanding their product offering to help aid companies address the individual needs of all their employees.”

Gayle Benson, Founder of Benson Capital Partners

“Many people believe that accommodations are complex and costly, and this often leads organizations to hesitate or delay in implementing necessary changes…We’ve learned that many accommodations are simple, cost-effective, and can yield significant benefits in terms of employee well-being, productivity, and overall organizational success.”

Maura Schiefelbein, Senior Vice President of People at accesso®

“Inclusively’s purpose aligns so well with our purpose. It’s a way for us to activate what I call our promise statement. The technology and the software is a brilliant solution.”

Julie Bugala, Director of Acquisition at Edward Jones

“We’ve filled 10% of our full-time positions with Inclusively candidates since our partnership began…Inclusively has allowed us to tap into local, diverse, highly skilled candidates that we would otherwise not have found.”

Linley Fenlason, Senior Talent Acquisition and Retention Manager of the New Orleans NFL Saints and NBA Pelicans