Some HR Teams Are Stuck Because They Lack Insights From Their Peers

Sarah Bernard , Co-founder & COO
Originally published March 19, 2024
Posted in: Employers

Stop me if this is you:

You’re a CEO or senior HR leader at a Fortune 1000 company. You’re grappling with an unsettled relationship with your employees.

The tension mainly exists in a few key areas: how flexible people’s work lives should be, your employees feeling like their needs are being unmet or addressed, and declining trust.

You feel stuck, having checked off boxes without seeing the tangible benefits on the ground and don’t have a framework that can scale with the increasing demands for more personalization of the workplace.

Senior leaders can’t solve these problems in a silo.

We’re excited to announce the Inclusively Leadership Board (ILB), a consortium for senior leaders intent on getting answers to the future of work’s biggest questions. The ILB will focus on how technology, data, and policies influence employee relations and workplace culture.

The ILB is about gathering insights from your peers. We’ll be pooling data from it so you can see how you measure up against others tackling similar challenges. 

Members will contribute to — and benefit from — the collective wisdom of companies that are putting in place the frameworks to help address all their employee needs in a scalable way.

Participating in the ILB means engaging with peers on the issues that matter.

Members get:

  1. Peer data and insights utilizing our proprietary Employee Experience Assessment Survey (EEAS).
  2. Dedicated member-voted research on pressing topics that you and your ILB peers want explored.
  3. Access to both in-person and virtual gatherings to connect over hot industry topics.
  4. A direct line to our co-founders for brainstorming, advice, or even to have them present to your leadership on trends in the modern workforce and accommodations.

Employees have medical, social, and emotional needs, and are needing/asking for more accommodations than ever. HR has to continuously think about how to serve their workforce effectively. 

In the past, HR could operate in its own bubble, deploying tech and policies without much concern for how everything intersected. But now there’s a need to look at the intersection of policies and data to really make strides.

We’ve been building the tech — and collecting the data — on these key workplace issues.

Our breakthrough moment as a company came when we discovered our technology for job seekers also solves wider workplace issues, enabling all employees to thrive in adaptable, tailored work environments amidst shifts in work dynamics due to the pandemic, generational changes, and increased focus on mental health

Inclusively started as a hiring platform for people with disabilities, using AI to help identify what is needed for people with disabilities to be productive and successful in a role and enabling companies to respond to those requests in real-time — without disrupting existing operations.

We’ve grown our tech to not only address hiring, but to make work better for everyone by helping them personalize their work environments. Our platform is easy to use, and allows employees to explore the tools, resources, and accommodations that will make them successful and productive at work. 

As we continue to collect data on what helps Fortune 1000s build and maintain productive, inclusive, and satisfied workforces, we look forward to sharing those insights with ILB members — and, in turn, having ILB members share with one another what’s working on the front lines of HR.

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