This week we caught up with Alexa H., who was hired by Wheelhouse Group via Inclusively in 2021. 

How did the process with Inclusively feel different from other hiring processes you’ve experienced in the past?

Alexa: From the moment I created a candidate profile with Inclusively, I felt supported. The platform and team behind it actually made me more excited about exploring the current job market. Instead of squinting at tiny checkboxes and inputting my information into endless fields, building my profile was simple. Then, getting to select interview accommodations was a big (and welcomed) surprise. There are so many different barriers to job searching and applications that the Inclusively team has already considered and simplified. Disabled employees have unique insights, experiences, and perspectives that can bring dimension to any role — it’s so refreshing to work with organizations that embrace that.

Did anything surprise you about the Inclusively process?

Alexa: The ability to hit “connect” and actually have it work! So often, you have to navigate 20 more questions, input your experience despite them having your resume already, and then launch your application into the void. Instead, all of the employers are linked to the Inclusively platform and you can choose what role looks right for you. No extra steps. It’s outstanding.

I’d also like to specifically mention how helpful, Inclusively VP of Talent Operations, Annie Moore, was. She took the time to give me insight and connect me with potential roles. In the end, her dedication helped me find a role that is better than I could have imagined.

Any final thoughts or ideas to share with other people in the disability community who are looking for work?

Alexa: Inclusively transformed my job search. I went from feeling concerned about disclosing my disability to feeling empowered to advocate for myself.

What are some concerns you had during the process of looking for a job, and how did Inclusively alleviate those concerns?

Alexa: I was slightly concerned about any potential offers I would receive, as there tends to be a lack of compensation for disabled employees. That wasn’t the case going through Inclusively. My offer was at the top of my range and came with benefits — something other disabled people had told me might not happen. 

Working with Inclusively sets employers apart for candidates in the disability community. I know many disabled individuals from top universities with years of success behind them who don’t trust the typical job search process because it isn’t inclusive. Inclusively gives us a reliable and helpful platform so we can focus on showcasing our skills and expertise.