From Insights to Action: Highlights from the ILB April 2024 Event

Originally published April 11, 2024
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After a successful Inclusively Leadership Board (ILB) meeting on April 3, 2024, in New York City, we’re thrilled to share a vibrant recap that captures the insightful discussions and solutions presented. This inaugural gathering brought together over 35 executive leaders from across industries to explore and debate the future of work, focusing on inclusivity, technology, tools, and strategy. Through engaging discussions, practical workshops, and thoughtful testimonials, attendees gained invaluable insights into creating workplaces that truly understand and adapt to the modern employee’s needs.

ILB Event Highlights:

  • Keynote & Case Study Session: Inclusively’s CEO, Charlotte Dales, set the stage by identifying key trends reshaping the workforce, emphasizing the critical role of personalization, the evolving expectations post-Covid, and the need for workplaces to support mental health and flexibility.
  • Collaborative Case Studies: A highlight was the collaborative session between Born This Way Foundation and Cotton On Group, showcasing real-world examples of how businesses can foster a culture of kindness and support mental health, significantly impacting employee engagement and retention.
  • Fireside Chat on Technology, Organization & Culture: This session featured a deep dive into the relationship between technology and organizational culture in enhancing employee experiences, with insights from industry experts including Jessica Roth from Salesforce, Christina Mallon from Microsoft, and Hannah Perry, Chief Diversity and Culture Officer from Novartis sharing insights into the balance between the social and medical models of disability.
  • Workshop on Employee Experience: Led by Inclusively experts, Michelle Witman and Mary Liz McNamara, this interactive session offered actionable strategies and introduced a framework for leveraging tools to personalize the employee journey, underscoring the hidden opportunities in addressing non-disclosed disabilities within the workforce. 
  • Panel Session on Stigma-Free Workplaces: The panel discussion, led by Elyse Cohen of Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez and Megan Delp of National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), focused on strategies for supporting mental health and cultivating inclusive environments across diverse generational workforces.
  • Inclusively’s Solutions Overview: The meeting wrapped up with a detailed presentation of Inclusively’s suite of solutions designed to assist HR leaders in creating inclusive and productive work environments.

For those who would like to revisit the discussions or were unable to attend, recordings of the ILB sessions are now available:

Why This Meeting Matters:

The ILB meeting emphasized the importance of personalization, mental health support, and the strategic use of technology in creating inclusive workplaces. The enthusiastic feedback and testimonials from participants underscore the impactful nature of the discussions and the pressing need for innovative solutions in today’s work environment. The success of this event is not only a reflection of Inclusively’s commitment to reshaping the workforce; it’s a testament to the collective drive of leaders across industries to champion inclusivity and innovation. 

What’s Next:

These insights pave the way for organizations looking to adapt to the evolving and individualized needs of the workforce. Inclusively is committed to leading this change, offering a suite of solutions designed to enhance employee experiences and retention.

We invite you to contact our team to learn more about how Inclusively’s solutions can benefit your organization, creating a more inclusive, productive, and supportive workplace for everyone.

Thank you to all our attendees, speakers, and partners for making this event a monumental success. We look forward to continuing these important conversations and working together to shape the future of work.

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