Award Winning Tech Taps Into Hidden Talent and Overcomes Inequalities

Originally published June 1, 2022

We’re honored to share that we recently took home’s first annual Startup Tech Showcase competition, where we competed alongside trailblazing tech startups with solutions across a broad range of HR disciplines.

During our 30-minute presentation, we introduced our workforce inclusion platform that creates more equitable and resilient organizations, and shared how our technology curates candidates with disabilities to hiring teams with all the relevant information they need to provide an inclusive experience at scale.

Before we dive into how our platform works, we want to explain why it’s an important topic in our current environment.

Overcoming biases and increasing accessibility for candidates

Inclusively helps companies become employers of choice to the hidden talent pools of the world, and helps candidates who have typically been screened out of hiring processes get access to great jobs at companies that are committed to hiring more diverse candidates.

“Think of inclusively as a place where a mother living below the poverty line can go to better understand which employers have the best childcare benefits, so she can know that her baby is well taken care of as she excels in her job,” explained Sarah Bernard, Co-Founder & COO at Inclusively. “Or a Veteran navigating their career path in civilian life can use Inclusively to find companies that offer mentorship programs as part of their employee perks.”

Like the examples mentioned above, people with disabilities need and deserve specific accommodations, but also have the additional challenge of overcoming systemic biases in order to be considered for roles. The technology that many employers have invested in over the past couple of decades often rely upon biased algorithms that systemically exclude candidates with disabilities. For example, a simple gap in a resume for time spent in a hospital or recovering from a surgery can filter a candidate’s resume out of the view of a prospective hiring manager, ignoring all other skills and experience that make that candidate a perfect fit for the job.

Until now, there’s never been a way for people with disabilities to break the barriers to entry in the workforce, which has led to underemployment and untapped potential.Inclusively enables people with disabilities to openly share necessary accommodations with employers up-front and helps to eliminate bottlenecks and biases in employers’ screening and interview processes.

A single accommodation offered within the initial screening process can give a candidate with a disability their best shot at an interview. Discover how easy it is.

Providing employers with access to talent, skill sets, and education

The Inclusively platform is centered around improving recruiting processes, updating incentives for recruiters and hiring managers and decentralizing institutional knowledge around accommodations, so every recruiter and hiring manager knows how to run an inclusive interview — and create and maintain a more inclusive culture.

We take employers’ existing Accommodations Process from being reactive and led by compliance to being a distinct competitive advantage. First, we conduct an initial assessment on existing processes and provide recommendations on potential bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Then we give employers direct access to a robust and rapidly-expanding network of currently untapped talent, and we ensure that both employers and candidates are set up to succeed by matching roles to candidates based on skills, experience and accommodations required and offered.

We also educate employer teams with tailored in-platform training sessions and provide support and coaching to accelerate the goals that each of our clients set at the beginning of our partnership. This involves providing employers with how-to guides, access to the largest consolidated group of candidates and the programs that support those candidates with disabilities.

We believe that every human deserves the opportunity to fulfill their innate potential. That’s why we’re working to open doors to hidden talent and unlock the tremendous value of tomorrow’s workforce, who demand a diverse and inclusive workplace today.

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