Open doors to hidden talent.

Our Workforce Inclusion Platform empowers employers with the accommodations insights, access, training and support they need to attract and retain previously untapped talent.

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The Inclusively Approach


Create Your Company Profile

Complete your company’s profile with searchable information for job seekers, as well as the Success Enablers offered by your organization.


Find & Connect with Candidates

Search and connect with skilled candidates who meet your job requirements, are actively searching and have provided their Success Enablers.


Get Recommended Candidates

Receive curated candidate recommendations based upon your job description, skills and connections.


Engage with the Community

Benefit from support and networking with other Employers, Advocates, and Candidates within the Inclusively Community.

Our four-part approach makes it easy for employers to adapt their existing processes to be inclusive of everyone.

Manage your profile in one click

Our Accommodations Analytics Dashboard gives you line-of-sight to the most frequently requested accommodations, helping you to better understand the needs of both today’s candidates and your existing workforce.
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Access to Hidden Talent

Find and get matched with candidates, who have self-disclosed their Success Enablers. We’ve spent years honing our Machine Learning-powered ability to screen-in untapped talent, and we help you build more diverse teams and inclusive cultures. Through our expanding partner network, we connect over 1,000 organizations with qualified candidates to the jobs you need to fill.
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Inclusively’s extensive training modules give recruiters and hiring managers the tools they need to embed accommodations throughout the hiring process.

Team members can access core competency trainings, advisory sessions and on-demand support.

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Our expert Customer Success team creates customized launch and adoption strategies to empower each employer to improve existing processes, establish and track KPIs, and scale inclusion and accessibility across the organization.

Via our ecosystem of partners and advocates, you have a single-point-of entry to hundreds of disability-advocacy organizations, training programs, and support groups.

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“Inclusively’s purpose aligns so well with our purpose. It’s a way for us to activate what I call our promise statement. The technology and the software is a brilliant solution.”

Julie Bugala
Director of Acquisition, Edward Jones

“Inclusively has become an important component of our talent acquisition process. They have a fantastic selection of candidates and within the first few weeks, we made our first placement and have gone on to hire two more candidates!”

Laura Pallister
Global Brands Group

“Working with the Inclusively team was so seamless and timely! Within a week, they had our employer profile and hiring roles posted on the site and they had already scheduled interviews.”

María Luisa Mendiola
Founder & CEO, MIGA Swimwear

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