Mental health in the workplace is at a crisis point — and it’s impacting companies’ bottom lines. 

According to the Harvard Business Review, overall ratings of mental health in the workplace continue to decline. Although there’s a larger awareness around mental and cognitive health at work, employees have moved from a pandemic-induced state of prolonged crisis into a period of feeling “blah.”

Despite increased awareness, workers paradoxically feel less psychologically safe to discuss their own issues. They’re in an uncertain world — an extended period of ”languishing” wrote organizational psychologist Adam Grant in the New York Times.

Poor workplace mental health, notes McKinsey, can drive people towards disengagement in the workplace. According to their recent report on workplace productivity, the estimated cost of employee disengagement and attrition for a median-sized S&P 500 company is $228 million a year.

Our upcoming webinar, “Workplace Wellness: Fostering Mental Health and Productivity,” in collaboration with Rutgers University, aims to help companies solve for these issues.

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The goals of the webinar include:

  • To show companies how to raise productivity and engagement through better support of employees with mental health conditions.
  • The webinar will also cover topics for job seekers and employees as to what mental health services exist, why, and how Inclusively supports them.

Mental health and the productivity of your workforce are closely entwined. 

Our discussion on mental health takes place on March 6th. It will shed light on the misconceptions about mental health that not only hinder qualified individuals from seeking and obtaining necessary support but also deprive businesses of a rich talent pool and the opportunity to foster a healthier, more productive work environment. 

Leading the conversation will be Christina Mallon, Head of Inclusive Design at Microsoft & Inclusively Advisor, alongside Rutgers University faculty members Amy Banko and Joni Dolce from the Department of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Counseling Professions. 

According to HBR, “investing in organizational culture outperforms therapy and self-care.”

Register to join us as we explore actionable strategies and insights to promote mental wellness and productivity in today’s ever-evolving work landscape.