Our Story

Just over 5 years ago as I was selling my first company, my cousin, Cameron Northup Delgado, became the first licensed facial specialist in the state of Florida with Down syndrome. After getting my first facial from her, I knew I had to start Inclusively. Our company’s vision has evolved tremendously since this video was made, but I still love to share it!  Watch below to learn more about Cameron and how her passion became the inspiration for Inclusively!




Meet Cameron

Cameron was born 2 months after me and her positivity and zest for life has always been contagious. When I was little, instead of playing “what does the cow say?” my parents use to ask me what do particular people in my family say. When I was asked, “What does Cameron say?” the answer was, “I’LL DO IT MYSELF!” She still snaps at people who try to do things for her that she knows she can do herself.

Cameron has always been obsessed by hair and makeup. Every time I go to see Cameron, she is channelling a different celebrity via her hairstyle. Eventually she decided to pursue her passion by washing towels at a local salon. She also went on to buy a house, get a dog and move out from her parents home, forever on a the mission “do it herself.”

A couple of years later, Cameron learned of a community college program for individuals with disabilities. It’s no surprise that she enrolled in the very first intake of students into the program.

Cameron would tell you that the best part of the program was meeting the love of the her life Nick, whom she eventually went on to marry. However, while studying, Cameron saw that the beauty school was on the same campus as her program. One day, she decided to march on over and inform the teachers that she wanted to enroll. In a world that seems like it can be such a bad place at times, it’s amazing how Cameron always attracts the most wonderful people into her life. The teacher thought for a moment while she was doing Cameron’s makeup and then said, “Well, I don’t see why you shouldn’t enroll, and if you can pass the classes and exams, I don’t see why you can’t be a licensed aesthetician.”

Well, need I say more? Of course, Cameron enrolled. Of course Cameron passed her classes and exams. And, of course, she became the first licensed aesthetician in the state of Florida with Down syndrome.


Charlotte, a white woman wearing a black and white checkered shirt ad white pants stands close to Cameron, a white woman with short brown hair and glasses wearing a white shirt.

Charlotte and Cameron

This picture was taken just moments after I was inspired to start Inclusively. My cousin, Cameron Northup Delgado, became the first licensed aesthetician in the state of Florida with Down syndrome, and I came up with the idea for Inclusively while getting my first facial from her.