In a recent episode of At Work in America, The Inclusive Workplace: How Small Steps Create Big Impact, Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane discussed the topic of inclusion and how organizations can create more inclusive environments. They were joined by Julie Bugala, HR Leader Edward Jones, a financial services company committed to creating diverse and inclusive workplaces and Charlotte Dales, Co-Founder and CEO at Inclusively. During the discussion, the speakers covered various aspects of creating a culture of inclusivity, including the challenges and opportunities that organizations face in implementing such initiatives:

  • Simplicity of making accomodations in the workplace
  • How to demonstrate an inclusive environment
  • Positive outcomes of utilizing a workforce inclusion platform
  • How small steps can have a significant impact on outcomes and access to opportunities for people with disabilities

“Imagine if you normalized and made people feel comfortable to ask for what they needed to be successful? Imagine knowing what would make someone churn before you even hire them? says Charlotte. Creating a culture of inclusivity is not just about making statements but taking action. Organizations must set ambitious goals, make changes to their hiring processes, and adopt a growth mindset to create workplaces where everyone can bring their authentic selves.

Listen to the episode here.