Diversity and Inclusion Job Boards: Connecting Diverse Talent with Inclusive Employers

Tiffany Meehan (She/Her/Disabled), VP of Marketing
Originally published June 28, 2023
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In today’s competitive job market, diversity and inclusion have become key considerations for both job seekers and employers. A diverse workforce not only brings different perspectives, skills, and experiences to the table, but it also mirrors the diverse customer base that businesses serve. Similarly, for job seekers, finding an inclusive workplace that values and respects everyone’s differences is crucial. Platforms like Inclusively, a diversity and inclusion job board, play an instrumental role in bridging this gap.

Facilitating Diversity Through Success Enablers

Inclusively, uses an innovative approach to bridge the gap between diverse job seekers and inclusive employers. One part of this approach, referred to as “Success Enablers,” focuses on accommodations, modifications, and adjustments that a person with a disability needs to perform essential job functions successfully. Spanning categories such as Sensory Sensitivity, Social Interaction, Mobility, Cognitive Load, and more, these Success Enablers assist diverse job seekers in finding jobs tailored to their unique needs and abilities.

Fostering Inclusion through Tailored Accommodations

The Success Enablers help inclusive employers better understand and implement accommodations that can enable their employees’ success. They not only highlight the importance of making practical adjustments but also provide valuable insights into creating a supportive and understanding environment that fosters diversity and inclusion.

Success Stories: Making Impactful Connections

Inclusively’s approach has shown tangible results, connecting diverse talent with inclusive employers. Take, for instance, Mallory C., who was hired as a Data Engineer at Auticon in December 2021. Being autistic, she appreciated finding a place where her uniqueness would be celebrated rather than just tolerated. Another testament to Inclusively’s impact is Pearla S., who 

landed a role as a Life Safety Analyst at Accenture in May 2022. Inclusively allowed her to connect with organizations eager to provide accommodations and work with individuals with disabilities.

Leveraging Inclusively for Job Seekers: Practical Advice

Inclusively provides tools and resources that empower job seekers in their pursuit of inclusive employment. By identifying their unique Success Enablers, job seekers can match with postings tailored to their needs. Furthermore, Inclusively’s network of inclusive employers who are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion provides a vibrant ecosystem for job seekers to find an environment where they can thrive.

Employers: Harnessing the Potential of Diversity

Inclusively provides valuable insights for employers looking to tap into diverse talent. The first and most crucial step is to take action towards promoting diversity and inclusion. Employers are encouraged to create inclusive job postings, provide clear job descriptions, and underscore their commitment to accessibility and accommodations.

Inclusively’s job boards offer a targeted network of diverse talent. By using this platform, employers can actively promote disability inclusion in their workforce. Collaborating with disability-inclusive organizations and job placement agencies can also provide valuable insights and connections to qualified candidates.

Creating Opportunities Through Inclusive Events

Hosting disability-inclusive events, job fairs, and networking sessions can further broaden the talent pool. These activities allow employers to engage with potential candidates and demonstrate their commitment to an inclusive workplace.

Basically the purpose of hosting these events is twofold. Firstly, it allows organizations to demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion in a tangible way, showcasing their inclusive culture and values. This has a positive effect on their employer brand, making them more attractive to diverse talent pools. Secondly, these events provide a unique opportunity for employers to connect directly with potential candidates, gaining insights into their skills, experiences, and career aspirations.

For instance, an organization could host a job fair for individuals with disabilities, highlighting available roles and the accommodations they provide. This not only demonstrates the organization’s commitment to disability inclusion, but it also helps to break down barriers that often prevent individuals with disabilities from accessing employment opportunities.

Moreover, through interactive workshops or panel discussions, employers can provide valuable resources and information to diverse candidates. These could focus on various topics like navigating the job market, acing interviews, or understanding workplace accommodations. Such initiatives not only help candidates but also give employers a better understanding of the unique challenges and perspectives of diverse talent.

It’s also important to collaborate with disability-focused organizations and communities when hosting these events. These organizations often have deep connections within the disability community, can provide valuable insights, and can assist in promoting the event, ensuring it reaches the right audience.

Overall, inclusive events serve as a powerful tool in connecting diverse talent with inclusive employers. They promote a sense of community, foster open dialogue, and ultimately contribute to building a more diverse and inclusive workforce.


Ensuring an accessible and user-friendly application and hiring process is critical. Employers should test their application platforms for accessibility and provide alternative options for submitting applications, demonstrating a holistic approach to inclusivity.

Diversity and inclusion job boards like Inclusively serve as a transformative platform connecting diverse talent with inclusive employers. By fostering diversity and inclusion, businesses can drive innovation, enhance productivity, and champion a societal shift.

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