Scale your job seeker and career support.

Our Advocate Portal was built for career coaches, employment specialists, job developers, vocational rehabilitation counselors, caregivers, and others to help them better support job seekers, who we like to call Candidates.

Join our free network of inclusive employers and work directly with job seekers to drive employment results.

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Work directly with your Candidate

Have your job seeker(s) register and connect with them as a “Candidate” to start working together on their profile, resume, job search, interview prep and more.


Stay updated

Receive notifications about new job postings, activity, and community posts.

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Learn from data & insights

Utilize our reports to improve your support process, analytics, and results.

Assist Candidates Directly

  1. Search for your Candidate(s) by name & request approval to connect
  2. Save, share, and recommend jobs, internships, and other career training programs to Candidate(s)
  3. Review or edit a Candidate(s) profile, accommodations, and resume
  4. Connect to jobs or training programs on behalf of your Candidate(s)

More on getting started as an Advocate

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In-Platform Messaging

Connect to Candidates and other Advocates and exchange in-platform messages about job opportunities, upskilling and training programs, resources, and information related to disability inclusion and career development.

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Data & Analytics Insights

Access reports on your Candidates’ activities and criteria such as accommodations requested, job categories, employers of interest, applications submitted, interviews conducted, and more.

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Benefit from our community of like-minded professionals on an accessible platform. Discussions include self-disclosing, interviewing, accommodations, ableism, career development, assistive & accessible technology, news, and more.

Join the Conversation

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Some of our Advocate Partners include employment support professionals from:

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