In new research commissioned by Inclusively on the impact of long COVID in the workplace, 76% of survey respondents with long COVID reporting having to take more time off work or having to stop working entirely, and nearly 40% can no longer work as many hours as they did previously. The research also indicates that many workers with long COVID do not fully understand their rights and choices — and employers may not either.

So how can organizations better prepare to support and retain this post-pandemic population of workers?

On Thursday, December 15th we hosted a live panel discussion in which we deep dived into:

  • New research findings that highlight the immense toll long COVID imparts on workers
  • How the disease disproportionately impacts marginalized and underrepresented employee groups – and why they’re not getting the workplace support they need
  • Proactive steps employers can take to support employees with long COVID, which support broader outcomes for both workers and organizations
Charlotte Dales, Inclusively CEO

Charlotte Dales

Co-Founder & CEO, Inclusively

Catina OLeary

Catina O'Leary, PhD, LMSW (She/Her/Hers)

President & CEO, Health Literacy Media Group

Michael Cleveland

Michael Cleveland, FLMI, ARA, AIRC (He/Him)

President, Advisory Services