The Workforce is Prioritizing Inclusion. How Will Employers Respond?

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Millenials and Gen Z are taking over the workforce.

In fact, they’ll make up two thirds of the workforce by 2030. And these generations have completely different mindsets about work than previous generations due to the social and economic hardships they’ve lived through, a generational reshaping of how “success” is defined and a better understanding of the impact of diversity, equity and inclusion. But what exactly does this mean for employers?

In the webinar, Meet the Next Generation Workforce: Why Culture is the New Currency, Fully Teasdale, Market Strategy and Research Lead for Inclusively, dives into relevant and compelling research regarding these generations and outlines key steps that organizations can take to support their preferences and create inclusive cultures that appeal to these future workforce leaders.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why the rapidly evolving workforce expects and values accommodations
  • The consequences of lukewarm accessibility practices
  • How inclusive companies outperform peers
  • Steps employers can take now to support disability inclusion in the workplace
  • What differentiates millennials and gen z from previous generations

The younger generations are making different choices and have different priorities because their values lie in fostering empowerment, belonging and loyalty. They want to feel invested in the communities they operate, including in the workplace. And their top decision drivers are social impact, DEI, sustainability and climate change. They really want to feel like they’re part of something bigger, and something that has a positive impact on the world. This is why 78% of millennials and z’s prioritize diversity when evaluating companies and 48% of workers will not work for a company that is not actively working to improve its diversity and inclusion.

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How Inclusively can help

When thinking about inclusion, millennials and gen z are more conscious of the ways that different identities face inequalities and discrimination, including the disability community, which makes up 61 million adults in the United States today. Inclusively is a workforce inclusion partner that utilizes our proprietary platform, training and processes to unlock the value of previously screened out talent. And our mission is to unlock the power of tomorrow’s workforce by opening doors to untapped talent by working with employers to adapt existing processes to be inclusive of everyone.

During the webinar, Fully shares evidence that displays how younger generations respond better to organizations that take the steps towards creating a more inclusive culture and a welcoming workplace for all, including those with disabilities. In the end, better DEI practices lead to employees who are far more engaged and more likely to stay at a job, which leads to multiple other positive outcomes both for individuals and for organizations.

Tune into the full webinar to learn why Fully predicts that the organizations that have already incorporated disability and inclusion into their broader goals will be far better positioned than their counterparts and how to get started.