Supporting job seekers in the search to find purposeful work at an inclusive workplace is harder than it should be. For many advocates at universities, nonprofits, government agencies, and in job coaching roles, it’s often a challenge to build and maintain employer relationships that ultimately impact the success of your job seekers, students, and alumni.

So how can you best support your job seekers with the access and accommodations they need in order to find and be successful at an organization that embraces inclusive employment?

Join our Director of Partnerships Ross Barchacky on December 7th for a live demonstration of Inclusively’s workforce inclusion platform and learn:

  • How to foster transparency and trust throughout the hiring process by putting accommodations and inclusive services and benefits up front
  • New features for Advocates supporting job seekers, such as self-registration, resume editing, in-platform messaging and job recommendations
  • Our current list of inclusive employers hiring now

Captioning and ASL will be provided for this live demo. If you require additional accommodations, please email [email protected].