Legal Frameworks and the Modern Workforce: Insights from Inclusively’s Leaders

In this webinar, we explore evolving legal frameworks in response to the demands of the modern workforce. We offer vital insights for both legal teams and C-suite executives on maximizing opportunities and mitigating risks in this new era of workforce management. Moderated by Christina Mallon, Head of Inclusive Design at Microsoft and advisor to Inclusively, and joined by Rob Chesnut, former general counsel at Airbnb and current investor with Inclusively, Regina Kline, founder and managing director at Enable Ventures and former disability rights attorney, and Charlotte Dales, Co-founder and CEO of Inclusively, the panel discusses how adopting a proactive and personalized approach — and using tools like Inclusively — businesses can not only comply with legal requirements but also enhance their bottom line. 

Among the topics covered:

  • How legal frameworks are adapting to modern workforce dynamics: Understand the shifting risk landscape and the importance of proactive legal strategies.
  • Impact of disability rights on workforce policies: The influence of the disability rights movement, especially the ADA, has in many ways shaped modern workforce policies. Embracing flexibility and accommodation principles from this movement leads to more inclusive and effective workplace environments.
  • The cost of doing nothing: Neglecting to adapt workplace practices and policies to modern standards can lead to increased legal risks, as well as decreased employee satisfaction and retention.

Discover how to be proactive in your framework, drive productivity, and decrease risk.

To gain deeper insights and practical strategies from our panelists, complete the form above to access the full webinar. This discussion is crucial for leaders seeking to navigate the complexities of today’s employment landscape. 


Meet Our Expert Panelists

Christina Mallon, a white woman with brown hair smiling.

Christina Mallon

Head of Inclusive Design at Microsoft and advisor to Inclusively

Rob Chestnut

Rob Chesnut

Former general counsel at Airbnb and current investor with Inclusively

Regina Kline

Regina Kline

Founder and Managing Director at Enable Ventures and former disability rights attorney

Charlotte Dales, Inclusively CEO

Charlotte Dales

Co-founder and CEO of Inclusively