Video Transcript

Inclusively's ASL Name Sign

Please enjoy our Inclusively ASL Name Sign video (transcript below) and the Video Description.

Video Transcript:

Alex Tenney, 0:00

Hi everybody. My name’s Alex Tenney. You tasked me with giving a name sign to a company called Inclusively. I came up with a perfect one. This is a sign for Inclusion. Inclusion, and this is everyone worldwide, so I put them together. Inclusively. Inclusively. Thank you for giving me the honor to make this name sign for your company, Inclusively.


Video Description:

Alex, a woman with blonde hair is wearing a black long sleeved shirt. She is standing in front of a blue background signing Inclusively’s new name sign in ASL. The name sign starts with all the fingers touching each other, symbolizing the inclusion that Inclusively provides, then it moves counterclockwise to an open hand, symbolizing the individuals that you serve, meaning everyone, worldwide.