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In today’s workplace, companies must innovate continuously to meet the diverse needs of their employees. Inclusively’s Retain platform offers a comprehensive and inclusive solution to enhance employee support and streamline interactions. Our latest case study highlights how a large enterprise software company used Retain to create a more inclusive and efficient work environment.

Addressing Challenges 

Despite investing heavily in assistive technology, accessibility solutions, wellness programs, and mental health support, the company faced significant challenges. Employees struggled to find and access the support they needed, and the static wiki page was ineffective in maintaining a continuous feedback loop. Managing accommodations involved redundant processes across multiple teams, leading to frustration and inefficiency.

Inclusively’s Retain Solution

The company adopted Inclusively’s Retain solution to solve these pressing issues. Retain combines advanced AI with a self-service employee discovery and experience platform, offering a centralized, user-friendly solution for accommodation and workplace personalization requests. Key features of Retain include:

  • Automated Self-Service Requests: Retain automated 80% of self-service requests, reducing the need for manual intervention and eliminating redundant interactions.
  • Efficient Feedback Loop: The platform includes a robust feedback mechanism, allowing continuous assessment and improvement of support offerings.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Retain provided high-quality data on accommodations, enabling more informed decisions about benefits and resources.

Achieving Results

The pilot program for Retain was a success, with the platform rolled out to 42,000 employees. Notable achievements include:

  • High Employee Satisfaction: Employees rated the Retain platform 4 out of 5 stars, appreciating its ease of use and reduced redundant interactions.
  • Rapid Implementation: The platform was built and integrated within two weeks, showcasing Inclusively’s expertise and commitment to client success.
  • Increased Efficiency: Automating the majority of requests and providing a centralized source of truth significantly improved the efficiency of support processes.

Retain not only met but exceeded the company’s goals of optimizing investments in employee support. It established a balanced focus on support, prioritizing accessibility and long-term employee success.

Embracing a Universal Approach to Support

A featured benefit of Retain’s success is its universal approach to support. By addressing both the social and medical models of support, Retain helps all employees, regardless of their location or individual needs, have access to the resources necessary for their success. This approach not only enhances employee satisfaction but also fosters a more inclusive and supportive work environment.

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