PEAT & Workology Podcast: Bridging Disability Employment Gap

Originally published April 26, 2021
Workology Episode 280: Using Technology to Bridge the Disability Employment Gap Powered by PEAT with Jessica Miller-Merrell and Charlotte Dales “I think accessibility from a tech perspective, needs to be built at the source code level. And the bigger you get, the harder it is to retrofit that, so if you can hire people with disabilities to help you build your products accessibly, you’re going to see those companies be more successful and appeal to and work for a lot more people.” – Charlotte Dales Check out the latest Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT) Future Of Work podcast with Workology featuring a great interview with Jessica Miller-Merrell and Co-founder & CEO Charlotte Dales. The interview features insights and innovations to support disability employment and ways companies can be more inclusive in hiring and developing new technology. Click here to listen to or view the transcript of the podcast.