Introducing New Employer Dashboards

Understanding your workforce just got even easier.

Our new dashboard makes it simpler than ever to ask the experts questions, see the data, adjust accordingly, and create a more productive, satisfying, inclusive workplace.

What’s New

Accommodations Insights

  • New left side profile salutation space
  • Shortcut to updating profile
  • Shortcut to messaging our Success Enablement chat team experts (For Hiring managers and Admins only)
Image or several pac people representing candidate talent pools

More resources on demand

  • Different shortcuts to helpful resources in our Community tab
  • Quickly access FAQs, Networking, Digital Trainings, Employer ERGs, and more
Image or several pac people representing candidate talent pools

For Retain Users (Admin or Employee):

  • Shortcut to the Success Enabler Chat
  • Shortcut to view Company Responses
  • Shortcut to edit Company Responses
  • Shortcut to the Retain Dashboard (Admins only)
Illustration showing inclusive training sessions for employees

For Hire Users (Hiring Manager or Admin):

  • Shortcut to managing jobs and your job updates 
  • Shortcut to searching for candidates 
  • Shortcut to Hire Analytics (Admins only)
FAQs Graphic

Experience your updated dashboard