St. Louis, MO: Inclusively, a comprehensive employment platform that connects job seekers with disabilities, mental health conditions, and chronic illnesses to inclusive employers, today announced that Inclusively co-founders Charlotte Dales and Sarah Bernard have been named to the Care Guild List. The list honors 25 innovators reimagining the U.S. care system, expanding economic opportunity for the historically marginalized. To view the full list of the 2022 honorees, visit

Charlotte and Sarah were honored by the Care Guild for their work to support financial caregiving with their company Inclusively. Inclusively works with organizations to rebuild historically exclusionary processes and connect to hidden talent who will thrive in a diverse and inclusive workplace. 

“Helping people find meaningful work that ignites purpose and enables financial autonomy is fundamental in disrupting the care system in our country,”  said Charlotte Dales, CEO & Founder, Inclusively. “Sarah and I are honored to be included on the Care Guild List – thank you.” 

“We are so happy to honor Charlotte and Sarah on the Care Guild List,” said Patrice Martin, CEO & Founder, The Holding Co. “Easing the way for financial caregivers and expanding economic opportunity is essential to continue this process of reimagining and rehumanizing our care system.”

The Care Guild List is curated by The Holding Co., a lab focused to redesign care for the 21st century, funded by Pivotal Ventures, a Melinda French Gates company. The list celebrates the dynamic leaders advancing the broader care system across the country and includes policy advocates, direct service providers, tech entrepreneurs and documentary filmmakers.

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Inclusively is a future of work platform that partners with organizations to rebuild historically exclusionary and inflexible processes, opening doors to hidden talent and unlocking the tremendous value of tomorrow’s workforce, who demand a diverse and inclusive workplace today. Our platform matches diverse candidates to roles based on candidate skills, experience, and accommodations. And our embedded training model ensures clients have access to knowledge and expertise when they need it. For more information, please visit