Gayle Benson Invests in Inclusively, the Workforce Inclusion Platform

Originally published April 19, 2023

NEW ORLEANS- Benson Capital Partners founder, and New Orleans Saints and Pelicans owner Gayle M. Benson announced this morning an increased investment in Inclusively, a workforce inclusion platform that strives to create more equitable and resilient organizations.

“Inclusively provides access to over 1 million diverse candidates seeking employment. We make it easy for hiring teams to accommodate candidates, rapidly increasing a company’s ability to benefit from diverse talent,” said Inclusively Co-Founder and CEO, Charlotte Dales. “Gayle Benson and Benson Capital Partners’ investment in our company allow us to grow and reach candidates whose talent otherwise may be overlooked.”

“Our goal is for Inclusively to become an integral part of the NFL and NBA daily hiring processes,” said Benson, who has been an investor since October 2022. “The platform that Inclusively provides is unmatched in today’s world of seeking talent, and it’s time to recognize that, just because a person has a challenge in one area of life, they can succeed in others. Charlotte and her team at Inclusively are driven individuals and I am humbled to play a role in their mission.”

Inclusively has developed and consolidated partnerships with over 50 enterprises including Lyft, Delta, Salesforce, Charles Schwab, as well as consolidated access to over 900 nonprofits, government agencies, training programs, universities, and more. This has enabled employers to access a robust source of over one million candidates and growing.

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