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Did you know that one in four of U.S. adults has a disability?

Unfortunately, many of these candidates never make it to or through the interview process because of historically exclusionary and inflexible hiring practices. While most employers are content to operate without access to this untapped pool of hidden talent, companies that open their doors to “hidden workers” realize an attractive return on investment (ROI) and are 36% less likely to face talent and skills shortages compared to companies that do not.

So how can you ensure your organization isn’t missing out on this untapped pool of hidden talent?

Watch this on-demand demo of Inclusively’s Employer Portal, as our team of experts share:

  • How to embed inclusive measures into your hiring practices via self-disclosed candidate accommodations
  • How you can leverage DEI best practices and other in-platform services to support user enablement and employee retention strategies
  • The key metrics you can (and should) report on to demonstrate progress against your DEI hiring goals