Brand Guide


Inclusively uses several logo sets, but the most important for our partners and clients are the Success Enablers icons.

Please get in touch with any questions about using these icons.

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Personalized Workplace Accommodations


Brand Guide

The Success Enabler Icons

All platform iconography uses the primary navy brand color as the symbol on a light grey background.

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Accessible Building

Accessible Building icon

Accessible Devices

Accessible Devices icon

Accessible Work Environment

Accessible Work Environment icon

Air Quality

Air Quality icon

Alternative Input

Alternative Input icon

Behavioral Support

Behavioral Support icon

In Person or Live Assistance

In Person or Live Assistance icon

Interview Preferences

Interview Preferences icon

Job Modification

Job Modification icon

Job Restructuring

Job Restructuring icon

Modified Breaks

Modified Breaks icon


Onboarding icon

Service Animal
Emotional Support Animal

Service Animal/Emotional Support Animal icon

Software & Devices

Software & Devices icon